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The Dassle Advisor Network is a team of highly-trained computer professionals boasting over 25 years of computer and bowling center experience!


From scoring to guest experience to marketing to computer repair to accounting, we do it all!

Atop our award-winning service, we also develop and support the Dassle Daily Accounting Software. With simple imports from your Desk and POS terminals, best-in-class security, advanced reports, ease of use, and simple exporting to Quickbooks it is no wonder why we're trusted by hundreds of bowling centers in North America and abroad, as well as the armed forces all over the world.


From scoring to guest experience to marketing to computer repair to accounting, we do it all!

Franklin Bowl

— Kathleen Perry / Owner - Franklin Bowl

Since implementing Dassle in July of 2009, we have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes us to record our daily sales. Dassle is very user friendly and easy to understand. We had been importing all of information by hand into Quickbooks, and Dassle has simplified a very longwinded process for us and we have fewer mistakes.

The ability to easily classify new entries and to maintain their classifications from day to day makes the process run very smoothly. The technical support from David and Vicky, has been wonderful helping us learn the program and fix recording mistakes that have been posted to the wrong category. We now finish the end of month in just hours instead of days.

We love this program so much we just purchased it for our other center, Easton Bowl.

Burgess & Co

— Becky Jester / CPA - Burgess & Co

I have been working with the Franklin Bowling Center for about 18 months. When we first began working together, their daily sales information was manually summarized from 3 handwritten settlement sheets of their cash registers. From that manual summary, information was entered into their QuickBooks file. The process was very labor intensive and highly prone to data entry mistakes. The bank reconciliation process each month was extremely difficult and frequently required research of the daily data entered into QuickBooks.

Since the Bowling Center began using Dassle, the financial reporting process has been streamlined. Information is available on a more timely basis, it is accurate, and the bank reconciliation process runs smoothly. With accurate and timely data entered into the system, the Bowling Center is able to make decisions about their business knowing that they have reliable information. In addition, the Center’s accounting fees have been reduced because less time is spent on reconciliation's and ensuring the data is accurate.

Dassle has been a great solution for the Bowling Center’s back office.

World-Class Technical Support

We're better than your guys

With over 25 years experience in bowling centers, security systems, sound systems, and much more, we know evrything that goes into a bowling center, meaning we can fix any number of issues that would stump your tech guy.