Dassle Web

With live sales figures and powerful reports available anywhere, on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you'll keep informed and be able to leverage that data to grow your business

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Live sales figures
Always know how business is doing!

Keep on top of your centers' operation at any moment. See current sales figures, broken down by department and down to specific checks and items!

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Powerful Reports
Hourly and per-lane statistics

Find out everything about your bowling center. What lanes are being used and how often, when they are breaking down, how much each lane is bringing in in revenue, even average amount of food/drink product sold per lane! You also have access to powerful comparison reports and more!

Works anywhere, on anything
Maybe not a toaster... yet

Dassle Web was built to work to the strengths of anything it is running on, with dedicated phone, tablet, and desktop designs. No matter what you use to access Dassle Web, you'll always know that it will be simple and just feel right.

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